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FreeStyle Libre 2 Blood Glucose Sensor (UK/Europe Only Version)

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The Freestyle Libre 2 sensor is one half of Freestyle Libre's next step in continuous glucose monitoring. When used with the Libre 2 reader (not included), this sensor can provide 14 days of accurate results for both adults and children aged 4 upwards who have diabetes.

  • A non-invasive one second scan is all you need to read your results
  • No need to draw and test blood
  • The reader includes optional, real-time alarms that will let you know if your glucose levels have become too low or too high
  • The Freestyle Libre 2 can provide minute-by-minute glucose readings
  • Helps you to identify highs, lows, and trends more easily than ever
  • Each sensor lasts for 14 days
  • You only need 2 sensors per month

This data can give your healthcare team all the information they need to help you manage your diabetes effectively.

If you’re looking for an easy way to monitor your glucose levels long term, the longevity of the Libre 2 could be exactly what you need. The Freestyle Libre 2 sensor is compatible with the Libre 2 reader, working together to form a convenient and accurate system. The advances in the Libre system means that The Libra 2 is not compatible with original or previous Freestyle products. The reader is sold separately and we do not stock. 

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