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Dexcom ONE Sensor 3 Pack and Transmitter

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The Dexcom ONE sensor continuously measures glucose levels just beneath the skin. Each sensor comes with an auto-applicator making insertion very quick and simple. Each sensor can be worn up to 10 days. Enjoy up to 30 days of continuous glucose monitoring with each Sensor 3-Pack.

This product is only compatible with other Dexcom ONE products and compatible smart devices. Please ensure you check device compatibility using the link below.

How Dexcom ONE Works

A small discreet sensor measures glucose just beneath the skin.

The transmitter sends a glucose readings every 5 minutes to your compatible smartphone.

The Dexcom ONE app shows you where your glucose levels are, and where they are heading.

This pack includes: 

x 3 Dexcom One Sensors  

x 1 Transmitter which snaps into the sensor and sends real-time glucose readings wirelessly to a compatible smartphone.