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Cacharel Noa Eau De Toilette 100ml

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Fragrance notes: peony, coriander, paradisone, benzoin, incense, musk, coffee, vegetal accord.

The essence of peace encapsulated in a bottle, Cacharel Noa Eau de Toilette is a tranquil breath of fresh air, made up of delicate florals spread across a serene landscape. Rising in a gentle mist like calm happiness, the scent celebrates wisdom in women everywhere.

Gentle and feminine, the perfume blends the light petals of peony with clarifying coriander and crisp paradisone, creating a cool surface with a fluttering warmth. Deepening into smoother layers that lend a richness to the soft scent, benzoin, incense and musk evoke a sense of understanding and compassion. The eau de toilette simmers to a base of comforting coffee and vegetal accord, providing a stable grounding for the otherwise airy aroma.

Contemporary yet timeless, Noa makes for an elegant everyday scent.

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