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Activheal Non-Adhesive Foam 10cm x 10cm 10

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The dressing comprises of a polyurethane absorbent foam pad and a polyurethane membrane. The core of the dressing is a layer of absorbent polyurethane foam which absorbs wound exudate vertically into the dressing. The absorbent pad retains the exudate within the dressing preventing the exudate from re-entering the wound and preventing maceration to the peri wound and surrounding skin. The polyurethane membrane provides an effective barrier function and is waterproof whilst allowing the transpiration of exudate which aids the total fluid handling capacity of the dressing.

  • Excellect absorption of exudate
  • Promotes healing through a moist wound environment
  • Reduces the risk of maceration
  • Soft and conformable
  • 10cm x 10cm 
  • Pack of 10