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Ugo Fix

Ugo Fix Gentle Catheter Clip Latex Free 5

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Comfortable and secure, Ugo Fix Gentle is a soft silicone re-adhesive pad with a revolving clip. It fits comfortably on the thigh or abdomen, so you can move freely and safely with less pulling or tension at the bladder neck or within the urethra.

Safe and simple to position two-way indwelling urinary catheters

Easy to apply, remove and reposition

Leaves behind no sticky residue

Wear it for up to seven days

Translucent, so you can easily see your skin

Easily adheres to all skin types

Less risk of an allergic reaction due to Silicone Technology

No need to prepare the skin

Comes in a box of five with patient friendly instructions

Can be worn with a combination of other Optimum Medical products